From the Mountains to the Sea…

Born in Colorado and now living near the ocean - you will see my designs and materials are a reflection of both the mountains and the sea and the many things I am very passionate about.  Family, Sports, Health and Fitness.

After moving from Colorado to Florida for a different lifestyle and to dedicate my heart and soul to raising my kids, I soon realized I needed something to maintain my sanity.

I found myself at the art center and quickly took a liking for all the metal working classes. After several years of investing and experimenting with different styles of jewelry making and some part time teaching of the craft, I decided to join the eCommerce world.  

I am dedicated to Personal Growth, and a Quote Addict, so I absolutely love stamping heart-felt messages onto my favorite metal in the world...Copper! Copper reminds me of my Colorado roots with its rustic appeal and colorful aging process. For all of my necklace designs, I choose Silver because Silver is timeless - not trendy - and beautifully artistic.  

I love to visit Colorado in the Fall, but Florida’s warm climate is my Paradise on Earth.

Thanks for being a Cheydrea customer. I cherish each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart  and appreciate your support. I also love supporting others who appreciate and honor genuine connection.  

Sweet Blessings,