Caring For Your Keychain


Your keychain is meant to last A VERY LONG TIME. If you ordered a darkened finish, the piece may get even darker as it ages.  This is of course, dependent upon many factors.  Dry air vs. a wet climate, and the oils on your hands can change the color and aging process.  But don’t worry about this one bit!


When, and if, your keychain does get darker, and you want to brighten it up or reveal the bright raw copper beneath, all you need is a piece of steel wool.  Steel wool is available at most hardware stores.  Be sure to get the finest 0000 grit (yes, four zeros 0000 grit) to avoid scratching.  It is normally sold by the package, but you will come to love steel wool.  That is all you need.  If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message.

Go Grit it!



Steel Wool.JPG