Nurse RN Keychain

Nurse RN Keychain

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Sterling Silver & Copper Keychain - Ships in 1-2 Business Days!

CUSTOMIZABLE and PERSONALIZABLE (you can add a date and/or a name)

A beautiful keepsake for the New Graduate or New Student. The Nurse Practitioner, Physical Therapist, RN, Speech Therapist, Medical Assistant...or CHOOSE a different Occupation / Vocation.

This Keychain Includes:
Handmade, Darkened & Stamped - NATURAL Heavy Gauge Copper Keychain.
Sterling Silver Caduceus.
Stainless Steel Ring - Add to your existing keychain without adding too much extra bulk.
Size: 1.25" x .75" (approx.).

If you want something a bit different, send me a message. I have hundreds of charms.

In the Customizations and Personalizations form enter the details you’d like on your keychain.

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